About The Show

Solar & Energy Storage Indonesia

20 - 22 September 2023

Fueling Indonesia’s Growth With Smarter Energy Options
Solar and Energy Storage Indonesia is set to be the premium exhibition that is focused towards introducing the latest innovations and quality high-grade technologies. The exhibition will equip the country’s integrated industrial, infrastructure development and manufacturing supply chain sectors with advanced solar and renewable energy solutions along with energy storage technologies and facilities.

Earmarked as largest meeting for energy-related businesses, Solar and Energy Storage Indonesia will showcase high-technology solutions with customized capabilities for Indonesia's unique solar and energy storage needs.

The Exhibition provide access to:


  • Enter Indonesia's wide markets,
  • Secure trade opportunities,
  • Understand market trends as well as to
  • Network with professional buyers and established suppliers across the country and beyond.


Indonesia is the leading country that drives cooperation and integration in Southeast Asia. With a population of 252 Million, Indonesia shows great potential and rapid growth among other CIVETS countries.


Market Potential


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