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Automation, Inspection and Metrology, Consumables, Gasses And Liquid Chemicals Solar Glass
Photovoltavic (BIPV) And Solar Thermal Engineering
Solar Drying And Desalination Systems
Solar Street And Billboard Lighting Systems
Solar Thermal Technologies, Absorbers, Coatings, Collectors, Fittings, Expension Tank, Heat Transfer
Solar Water Heating / Cooling Systems And Solar Pumps
Solar-Powered Lights & Consumer Products
Solar Technology manufacturing machinery And Equipment, Solar Glass & Other Materials
Electrical Testing, Measuring And Monitoring Systems, Climate Cooling Technologies
Emission Monitoring Systems
Inverters, Charge Controllers, Batteries And Module Connectors
PV Applications Power Plants (Commercial And Utility-Scale),Energy Storage Systems, Building Integrated and Stand        Alone Systems
PV Manufacturing Equipment And Components, Tracking And Mounting Systems Cables, Connectors, Junction Boxes,        Tracking Systems
Software Solutions And Providers Of Irradiation Data

Participation Fee (min 18sqm)
Participation Fee + Shell Scheme Package Cost (min 9sqm)
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